Cricket and Its Format

Cricket's bat with ball


Cricket is a game of bat and ball played between two teams in a large ground and both teams have 11 players each including one captain and one vice-captain on each side. The central part of the ground is known as pitch which is of 20m in a rectangular nature where the team performs batting and bowling. The two sets of wickets including three stumps each are rooted in both ends of the pitch. A bail is placed horizontally over each wicket. Two umpires are conducting the cricket match. One umpire stands behind the wicket of the bowling side of the pitch and the other one stands at square leg and after completing each over (each over is of six balls) they replace their position. There are also a third umpire and a match referee. A match referee is a person who has the responsibility to ensure that the cricket match is played fairly and there is no violation of rules and regulations of cricket. if any team or player violates the laws, he has the power to take stern action against it. ICC stands for international cricket council that has the authority to govern the world cricket. Its headquarter is situated in Dubai(UAE). As of now, ICC has 104 members in which 12 full members and 92 associate members.

There are three formats in cricket

         1 – Test cricket 2 – one-day international cricket 3 – T-20 cricket

Test cricket

 Test cricket is also known as the traditional form of cricket. Test cricket is a 5 days long cricket match, with 3 sessions of 2 hours each are played per day including 40 minutes of lunch break and 20 minutes of afternoon tea break. In test cricket, 90 overs are bowled each day if rains and bad light don’t interrupt the game and each team (two teams) plays two innings. the players of each test cricket playing nation wear white jersey during the cricket match. It is good to say that test cricket is the actual game to test the consistency and temperament of any cricketer. The first officially recognized Test match was played between England and Australia at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) in Australia from 15 to 19 March in 1877 and AUS won this match by 45 runs.

One-day international cricket

One-day international cricket game is also known as 50-50 over cricket game/ limited-overs game and it is played between 2 teams. In ODI cricket match each team plays 50 overs either they are batting or bowling. If they bat, they will bat till 50 overs or being bowled out (10 players out of 11 players) by opposite team before 50 overs and if they bowl, they will bowl till 50 overs or bowled out to opposite team before 50 overs. A bowler can bowl a maximum of 10 overs in ODI. After completing 50 overs there is an innings break of 45 minutes then after the next inning is resumed. Each team has a different colored jersey in ODI format unlike the test format of cricket. The first One Day International (ODI) was played between Australia and England in 1971 at the Melbourne Cricket Ground(MCG) in Australia and Australia won this match by 5 wickets.

T20I Cricket

T20I stands for twenty20 international. T20I cricket is also known as a 20-20 cricket match and it is the shortest format of cricket, is played between 2 teams. In T20I each team plays 20 overs in one inning either they bat or bowl. A bowler can bowl a maximum of 4 overs in T20I. The T20I format was introduced in 2003 by ICC and after two years the first men T20I match was played between Australia and New Zealand on 17 February 2005 at Auckland in New Zealand, where Australia won the match. Whereas in August 2004 the first women T20I was played between England women team and New Zealand women team in England and the New Zealand women team won the game by 9 runs.

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