India’s Fastest Train – Top 5 Fastest Trains of India

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Vande Bharat Express- Fastest train of India

Vande Bharat Express is a locomotive-less (engine-less) semi-high train with a top speed of 180 km/h however the operational speed has been restricted to 130 km/h by Indian Railways due to the track issues. It is India’s first fully indigenously designed train Under the Indian government’s Make in India Initiative, also known as Train-18. It was designed and built by the integral coach factory in Chennai at the cost of just 100 crore. there are 1,128 chair seats in 16 coaches of Train-18. Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi flagged off this Train on 15 February 2019 for the Delhi-Varanasi route and Recently on October 5, 2019, Home Minister of India Shri Amit shah has flagged off the Train For Delhi-Katra route.

In Vande Bharat Express, there are many advanced facilities that enhance the comfort of passengers like

  •   Automatic doors that open automatically when someone is near it or Train is at platform.
  •   Onboard Wifi facility that enables you to browse the internet inside the train.
  •   There are CCTVS facility in all coaches that provide security during travel
  •  Advanced toilets facility with bio-vacuum systems and disabled-friendly toilets.
  •  Each passenger coach has its pantry system that stops coach to coach movements.
  •  Touch-based LED lighting when someone wants to on light then just touches the LED light.
  •  Revolving chair that provides more comfort during travel.
  •  There is a mobile charging socket attached to each chair seat.

Gatimaan Express 

 Gatimaan Express is India’s first semi-high speed train, was flagged off by the then Railways Minister Shri Suresh Prabhu on April 5, 2016, for the Delhi’ Hazrat Nizamuddin and Jhansi route. After Vande Bharat, it is the second-fastest train of India with the top speed of 160km/h and covers the distance between Delhi and Agra (188 km) in just 1 hour and 40 minutes. it is an air-conditioned train with chair setting arrangements. There are almost 736 seats available in 12 coaches of Gatimaan express and it operates with the train number of 12049/12050

there are many facilities in Gatimaan Express like

  • Advance toilets with bio-vacuum Systems.
  • Wifi availability.
  • Sliding doors.
  • Train hostesses availability for serving like airplane style.
  • Each chair seat is available with LCD (backside of each seat) and mobile socket.
  • GPS system for passanger information system.
  • Advanced fire alarm facility that indicates any fire issue automatically.

New Delhi -Habibganj  Shatabdi Express

Delhi -Habibganj Shatabdi Express is one of the fastest trains in India with the top speed of 150 km/h however it runs with an average speed of 84 km/h. It is a fully air-conditioned train with 18 coaches including locomotive and luggage coaches. It has also chair seat arrangement like the above-mentioned trains. The first Shatabdi Express was started between New Delhi and Jhansi and later extended the service to Bhopal and Habibganj and operates with the train number of 12001 / 12002. This air-conditioned train is operated and maintained by Northern Railway.

Mumbai Rajdhani Express

Like Duronto Express, Mumbai Rajdhani Express is also a fully air-conditioned superfast train that operates between Mumbai and New Delhi and vice-versa. It runs with the train number of 12951 / 12952 and the maximum and operational speeds of Rajdhani Express are 140 km/h and 89 km/h respectively. It is considered as the fastest train of Mumbai and New Delhi route. It has 20 coaches including Locomotive, Luggage and Pantry coaches. Rajdhani Express has berth facility for its passengers that is very comfortable in sitting as well as sleeping.

 Sealdah Delhi Duronto Express

Sealdah New Delhi Duronto Express is a superfast train that runs between Sealdah and New Delhi and vice versa. It can run with the maximum speed of 135 km/h that’s why it is also considered as one of the fastest trains of India but the operating speed of this train is almost 86 km/h. It was started in 2009 by Indian Railway. Duronto express is a fully air-conditioned train with 18 coaches including locomotive, luggage, and pantry coaches. On this train, there is a berthing facility for passengers where passengers can sit and sleep. Length and Width of Each berth are 178 and 58 cm respectively. Length and Width of berth may vary class to class of train. The train number of Sealdah Delhi Duronto Express is 12259/12260.


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