What is Digital Marketing?

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Digital marketing

Digital marketing is a medium of selling/promoting goods and services online. In simple words, any form of marketing which is done through digital channels is called digital marketing.


How does digital marketing influence the Business?

Businessmen take the help of digital channels such as Email, Social media, youtube, Search engines and other websites to connect with potential customers for promoting and selling their products and services.


About digital marketing certification course

Digital marketing certification course is a 3-months long course available in weekly classes and weekend classes in which you learn about the modules of digital marketing. if you completed your academic with any of these science or commerce or Arts and you want to do digital marketing course then you don’t need to worry much because for doing this certification course, there is no requirement of any specific conventional degree rather it requires the interest of students who want to enroll.


What is SEO?

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SEO stands for search engine optimization, it is a way of getting organic or un-paid traffic to your websites from the search engine results page. In other words, it is the process to rank your websites higher in the search engine results page.


There are three main types of Search Engine Optimization

Types 0f SEO


White Hat SEO

when you optimize your website according to the guidelines of search engines, it is called White Hat SEO. It is also known as Ethical SEO and it is the best practice of doing Search engine Optimization even Google appreciates this activity. Ethical SEO is a long time process however after following this activity when your website starts ranking on SERPs it sustains there for long and attracts more traffics.


Black Hat SEO

When you optimize your website against the guidelines of search engines, it is called Black Hat SEO and it is also known as Unethical SEO. By doing it your website can rank higher on SERPs in a very short period but it does not sustain there for long. Search engines do not appreciate such activities and when Search engines identify such activities as black hat SEO then they can penalize or suspend your website then after your website can never rank on SERPs.


Gray Hat SEO

Gray Hat SEO refers to the mix up of white hat SEO and black hat SEO. In simple words when a website is optimized after following Ethical and Unethical SEO, it is called Gray Hat SEO.


There are two main activities of Search Engine Optimization




On-Page SEO

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On-page SEO refers to the process of optimizing individual website so that the website can rank higher in the SERPs and get more relevant visitors. Through this activity, we mainly focus on the Content and HTML codes of a webpage. Here we need the basic knowledge of HTML Codes like the syntax of them and their usages.



Off-Page SEO

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Off-page SEO refers to the activities that we do away from our website so that we can improve our website position on SERPs. In off-page SEO we mainly focus on link building.





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